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Driveway Cleaning in Upminster

Powerwash Solutions strive to provide your paving with a long lasting clean & your block paving driveway with a year-round weed free solution.

We have invested many years field testing products and we are very proud of now having two products that complement each other, our system is a very affordable alternative to sealing.

Di-Solve Liquid Shock (Algae & Black Spot Remover)

This driveway cleaning treatment dissolves algae and black spot deep from within the top layers of the paving down to the bottom of the spores, also killing moss. This will draw out dirt deep from the paving and once all this organic matter is removed, there will be no more live matter to feed on the nutrients from rainwater and the sun, so will remain cleaner for longer.

Block Paving Anti-Weed

This weed treatment is the strongest on the market and packs a mighty punch, our staff are trained and certified as PA1 & PA6 Technicians to be able to apply this. Note: Homeowners cannot buy this product.

Firstly it will kill any weeds present down to the roots. The second component in this mixture will also prevent new seeds from germinating. It does this by cleverly creating a deep barrier in the freshly brushed in kiln-dried sand. It remains active between 4-6 months, so with just two weed treatments per year from us, it is usually enough to prevent the re-growth of weeds throughout the whole year.

Our Block Paving Cleaning Process...

Step 1 

We apply a pre-weed treatment to kill any existing weeds. 

Step 2

On the day of the clean we spray specially selected bio-degradable traffic film remover, to break down any grease and traffic film.

Step 3

Using our industrial high pressure cleaning equipment and our rotary floor tool we will deep clean your block paving and soft wash your patios (protecting pointing) removing moss, mould, and surface dirt. If you are having the sand stabilised and the surface sealed, we will remove 15-20mm of jointing sand after the rotary floor tool clean.

Step 4

After the deep clean if there is any algae or black spot, we will apply a Di-Solve Liquid Shock Treatment. The treatment will dissolve the algae and black spot.

Step 5

We will take away all the debris with us, clean down your windows, window frames and doors and roadside leaving you and your neighbours very happy.

Step 6

Once dry we will return approx. 48 hours later depending upon weather (as the surface needs to be dry) to then replace dislodged sand from the joints with kiln dried sand. We never leave excess sand on top of the surface. If desired then apply our Anti-Weed treatment which lasts between 4-6 months and if you would like to continue you can join our weed treatment service which you can opt in and out of.

Step 7

If you are having the sand stabilised and the surface sealed, the weather needs to be dry for 5 days. 4 days of which the water needs to have had time to evaporate, and soaked away including the cleaning day, before we return on the 4th day for the application. The 5th day allows the sealant to cure.


More Info. on Block Paving Cleaning, Preparation for Sealing & Weed Treatments

In our opinion driveway block paving cleaning is by far the most challenging of all paving to clean, maintain and prepare for sealing, all down to the jointing sand. The jointing sand remains damp in the UK all year round and allows weeds & moss to flourish making it harder to pressure clean/ jet wash. We also think block paving should only be cleaned and prepped for sealing in certain times of the year with temperatures being the key.

Through our field testing over the years we have found that it is very important to wait for 5 dry warm days before the preparation of pressure washing/ jet washing and sealing, as to insure as little moisture/ dampness as possible remains in the blocks, or jointing sand after the preparation stage. This will stop the high possibility of the surface turning a cloudy silver colour in appearance in the future after sealing. It is also very important when sealing block paving to stabilise the jointing sand, to a depth of 15-20mm setting the sand solid. Getting just one chance to properly stabilise the sand sticking to the side of the block paving without having to wait years before attempting it again. Get this part correct and you will enjoy many years without issues of jointing failure. Stopping weeds, ants nests, plus at the same time the surface will be sealed inhibiting algae, black spot and dirt absorption and slowing moss growing.

Block paved driveways: We have learnt over many years if you do not opt to stabilise the jointing sand and seal the surface, it is very important to treat jointing sand with a weed treatment to stop seeds from germinating growing into unsightly weeds. The greatest thing of this approach is that it safeguards against spending money on stabilising the jointing sand and sealing the paving surface. If there are any signs of sinking or poor paving installation which will inadvertently make the stabilised jointing sand fail. We have visited many homes where potential new customer has told us ‘I only had it sealed a year or two ago, and the weeds have grown back‘.

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