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Patio Cleaning in Gidea Park

Patio Cleaning Services

Patio cleaning is a delicate process where care needs to be taken to protect the pointing. Even more so now that compounds are being used which can deteriorate over a few years from poor installation.

Patios differ from one to the next so on our site visit to your home, we will talk you through the method and techniques that we will use on your paving, to insure your patio will look as good as new without damaging the patio or pointing.

Our Di-Solve Liquid Shock treatment will kill algae, dissolve black spot and clean deep into the paving, drawing out organic matter and dirt without the use of high pressure jet washing, as it allows us to use very low pressure with our cleaning experience and with the use of our latest equipment upgrade carried out in 2022 and early 2023 will truly amaze you with what we will achieve regardless of how long since it was cleaned.

Patio natural stones i.e Sand stone, York stone and Granite and also man-made paving like Flagstone and Concrete Cast can be cleaned at any time of the year, however we find it a very good time of year to clean these surfaces from as early as March, because the Di-Solve Liquid Shock treatment needs to stay damp to a little wet, to perform at it’s best, so the damp conditions help. We call these Post Winter washes, they are very popular so please get in touch to discuss our availability.

We have very skilled staff and we take on cleaning and repair work like re-pointing and re-laying small paving areas in the month of August. We have limited space so please get in touch to book in early.

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