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Weed Control Service in Upminster

We are block paving and hard surface weed control specialists. Our treatment will prevent your seeds from germinating and growing into unsightly weeds.

Whether you have your block paving cleaned, re-sanded & weed treated or choose to opt for the weed control service alone, you will never have to get on your hands and knees again.

Applied in late March & early October each year, the treatment lasts between 4-6 months. To have the guarantee of no weeds, a July treatment will also be required, but in most cases two applications are effective to see very few new shoots, if any. You can join in on our programme at any point throughout the year, and there is no commitment.

We care for the environment and have ensured our staff follow the Code of Practice 2012 Sustainable Use of Pesticides. Our staff are PA1 & PA6 trained and certified, to apply commercial strength Herbicides.

From £40.00 per treatment (approx. 2 car park spaces).

What to expect after we have applied your first treatment…after approx. 4 – 6 weeks, the weeds will have died and wilted. The dried up weeds will disappear with the wind and rain over the next few weeks. After the weeds have disappeared it is important to continue with the weed treatments, to prevent any future re-growth of unsightly weeds, prevention being the key!

4 – 6 Weeks After Our Weed Treatment



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